A major in modern languages highlights the importance of cross-cultural understanding and communication.

Bachelor of Arts

Modern Languages

Study Modern Languages at the University of Newcastle

A major in modern languages will open doors to international travel and professional opportunities throughout your career.

The program is open to beginners with no experience or familiarity with a foreign language. If you studied French or Japanese for HSC, you may begin your studies at second year level.

We offer some major languages at our Callaghan campus, including:

*Availability of languages are subject to change. Please refer to the handbook for more details.


You will graduate with globally in-demand skills that will enrich your Modern Language studentpersonal and professional growth. Some examples include the abilities to:

  • Communicate with a wider demographic;
  • Translate and educate;
  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity, appreciation and knowledge;
  • Apply critical and analytical thinking skills in various locations and contexts.

Studying a language opens unique opportunities across careers, borders and industries. It will give you an edge in international business, finance, marketing and tourism.

Living in a world of internationalism, cross-cultural understanding is essential for communication and forming valuable relationships.

For more information about the Bachelor of Arts, please refer to the handbook.

For more information about the Diploma in Languages, please refer to the handbook.


Joel WagnerStudent Profile - Joel Wagner

"I never thought that I would be where I am today. University offers amazing opportunities to travel so always look out for travel grants, scholarships and study abroad opportunities," Joel enthused.

UON student Joel Wagner completed two trips to Japan as part of his program during his second and third years at the University of Newcastle. He went on a fully-funded trip for six months at the Nagoya University of Foreign studies last year, sponsored by the Japanese government and organised by JICE (Japan International Cooperation Centre).