Bachelor of Arts

Student Profile - Becky Palmer

Becky Palmer asks a lot of questions.

In 2011, Becky started her Bachelor of Arts degree, double majoring in Modern History and Religious studies – an interesting choice for someone who has had "a rather complicated relationship with religion".

"I attended Catholic school in my primary years.  The policy at the school I attended was that every student in Year 7 had to get confirmed.  Being a non-conformist, I refused, and wound up getting suspended from school because of it."

"I attended Lutheran high schools (my choice) then I kind of drifted from religion for many years but I worked in aged/disability care and as I have aged I have gotten more interested in the deeper questions of life."

Becky Palmer"And while I disagree with many church doctrines in regards to women in the ministry, homosexuality and women's reproductive issues I have rejoined the church and rediscovered my religious beliefs, which I would hope are much more tolerant."

"I think one should always question one's faith. Plus, as a historian, religious history rather fascinates me!''

Becky says she has had an excellent learning experience at Newcastle.

"Being around people (both students and lecturers) who have genuinely wanted me to do well has been fantastic.  I am the kind of person who asks questions about things - lots of questions - and the University of Newcastle has been the one place where that has always been fostered!  Plus I like the library, I am a bookworm and it has lots of stimulating resources on the shelves!"

Becky has a plan.

"I finish my Bachelor of Arts this year [her first semester grades included a High Distinction and three Distinctions].  I want to do Honours next year, after that a PhD, perhaps gain employment at the university as either a lecturer myself or a research assistant. I also want to study a Bachelor of Law.

As a mature-age student, Becky's words of wisdom are tailored towards others with plenty of life experience behind them: "You're never too old and it's never too late!"