A major in History expands students’ historical horizons, giving them a wealth of transferable skills to make them both diverse and adaptable.

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History provides a window to the world, helping us understand and interpret the societies and cultures, the people, and events of the past.

With a major in history at the University of Newcastle, you will expand your historical horizons through studies ranging from the medieval period through to contemporary times.Expand your historical horizons and gain a wealth of transferable skills.

Some courses in a history major survey the histories of nations or regions (Australia, Europe, Britain, the Asia Pacific, and the United States); others examine specific historical themes or events, including the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Vietnam War, women's history, and film and history.

A combination of cutting edge and traditional methods of teaching in a history major will encourage and enable you to grapple with issues of war, peace, race, violence, class, gender, disadvantage, government, the environment and so much more.

The ability to research, contextualise, critique, analyse, explain and communicate are transferable skills that are in considerable demand among employers. These essential skills make graduates who major in history highly employable individuals who can move with the times and adapt to new modes of work.


Employment opportunities for history majors include roles as teachers, in museums and in heritage management,  and in researcher in Government and industry. You may also choose to pursue a career in other industries that value excellent written and verbal communication skills, and analytical and critical thinking abilities such as law, human resources, marketing and journalism, to name a few.

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Meet our student achievers who have studied a major in History.

Becky Palmer

Student Achiever - Becky Palmer

As a mature-age student, Becky's words of wisdom are tailored towards others with plenty of life experience behind them: "You're never too old and it's never too late!"

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