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Graduate Profile - Kristin Heineman

American exchange student, Kristin Heineman, enjoyed her year at the University of Newcastle so much she decided to return to the university to further her studies and complete a PhD.

Kristin started her undergraduate studies in history and psychology in her homeland at the University of New Mexico. She spent her third year of uni on exchange to the University of Newcastle, then headed home for another year of study.

She returned to the University of Newcastle for almost 4 more years to complete her PhD, Classics – the Decline of the Oracle of Delphi.

"I decided to go back to Newcastle because I really loved it. I liked all my teachers and got along really well with them. As one of my supervisors said 'you do need to get along with your supervisors if you want to successfully complete a PhD.' The Classics Department at Newcastle were really helpful and supportive throughout my post-graduate work," Kristin said.

Kristin HeinemanKristin enjoyed uni-life at Newcastle and got involved with some of the events on offer for international students.

"I didn't have a lot of time for extra-curricular activities as I was conscious of buckling down to get my PhD done, but I still had fun at the international community occasions and the library was fantastic."

For Kristin the transition from study to work life was smooth. She's currently working as an academic at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

"I'm teaching Western Civilisation and Ancient Greek history so for me it's not a big change as it's similar to what I was studying. The biggest change is now that I'm the teacher I have more control over what I'm doing because I'm not being led by my research," Kristin said.

"The teaching experience I gained as a University of Newcastle tutor for 3 years while completing my PhD has well equipped me with the skills I need to confidently teach my own students now."

While it was a challenge to undertake her PhD, Kristin says it was a very worthwhile experience.

"Now I'm in the workforce I can 100% say that it was worth all the hard work."