A Bachelor of Arts at the University of Newcastle offers teaching excellence, flexible course content and career diversity.

Bachelor of Arts

What you will study

When you study a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Newcastle you will explore subject areas you are passionate about and discover new areas of interest.

One of the great advantages of the arts degree is that you choose your own courses. Along the way you may ignite a passion that will help steer your degree in a particular direction with great outcomes for your personal growth and career prospects.

Studying arts allows you to gain a new perspective on familiar topics. You could be challenged and stimulated by:

  • Boarding the Hogwarts Express to revisit Harry Potter (English and Writing's Children's Literature course).
  • Dissecting The Simpsons' stinging social commentary (Film, Media and Cultural Studies).
  • Going beyond the role of mere spectator when reflecting on Australian sport (History).
  • Writing your own play and seeing it performed (creative arts)
  • Speaking words of one of the world's endangered languages

With 15 major areas of study and hundreds of courses (subjects) to choose from, our arts degree will see you develop skills that can become the foundations for many and varied professions. From teaching, journalism and language translation, to diverse roles in the media and public service, the career possibilities for Arts graduates are vast and exciting.

The arts degree offers a choice of face-to-face and flexibly delivered courses. Flexible delivery includes courses studied completely online, courses which mix online and face-to-face elements and compressed courses which offer the same depth as a full semester course but are presented over a shorter period of time.

Whichever mix of delivery methods you choose, you will have the opportunity to elect to complete two majors or one major and two minors. There are a wide range of areas to major and minor in, and each of them is very different in terms of what you learn, the skills you will build, and the careers you are prepared for.

Find out more about the following majors:

For more detailed information about the Bachelor of Arts program, please refer to the handbook.

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