Bachelor of Arts

Student Profile - Casey Ryan

Faculty Scholar

Casey Ryan loves to learn and it was this thirst for knowledge that drove her decision to undertake a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Newcastle.

After receiving an ATAR of 92.05 - the Maitland student completed her HSC last year at St Mary's High School – Casey has indulged her passions for Ancient History and English.

"I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I knew I liked to learn," Casey said.

"Always being artistic and into the humanities I thought the Arts program was best suited to me."

While the school leaver's results meant she would qualify for any number of degree programs at the University of Newcastle, it wasn't about marks for Casey, but rather the desire to absorb knowledge.

However, Casey's achievement did not go unnoticed and she was awarded one of the seven inaugural faculty scholarships being piloted within the Faculty of Education and Arts this year.

Casey RyanThe Faculty Scholars Program is a pilot scheme being tested within the Bachelor of Arts degree; students are identified as high achievers based on ATAR admissions rankings.

This year's scholars are a diverse group ranging from school leavers to university medal winners and mature aged students.

Faculty Scholars are offered various enrichment activities throughout their studies such as career and leadership development, overseas study trips, mentoring by our world-class academics, and if so inclined, a supported pathway to Honours and PhD study.

The Faculty of Education and Arts welcomed its first students, Casey among them, into the pilot scheme on April 17.

"The Faculty Scholars program inspires me to keep focus, while a love of learning keeps me going," Casey said,

Casey's twin brother achieved high 90s for his ATAR and has embarked this year on a law and commerce degree at the University of Newcastle.

"It's always been that way in our family, I'm the artistic one and he's more into clinical thinking," she said.

And Casey is thriving in the BA, "I am devouring my subjects in English and Ancient History, in particular Greek plays. It is so interesting the way they thought about life back then and I love studying the ancient plays, interpreting a modern message."