A combined law degree at the University of Newcastle and graduate with diverse, employable skills that place you in the optimal position for career success.

Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

Why study with us?

Law students at Court HouseThe Bachelor of Laws (Honours) is your passport to a career as a lawyer or a range of other related professions. The laws degree is a five year degree, studied in combination with another undergraduate degree.

As a graduate of the Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree you will be highly competitive in the marketplace. Our law graduates consistently earn starting salaries above the national average and are in demand with 95% of students from our Professional Program securing full-time employment or pursuing further studies within four months of graduating.*

The University of Newcastle law degree has a strong focus on real-world experience, allowing students to build practical skills such as client interviewing, mooting and courtroom practice through the University of Newcastle Legal Centre.

Even if you choose not to practice law, a law degree will enhance your other tertiary qualifications and make you a competitive graduate. Employers recognise that as a law graduate you have an excellent work ethic, strong communication skills, and can apply analytical and logical reasoning to solve a problem.

*2013 Australian Graduate Survey

Two degrees in less time

The Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree program is offered as a five year full-time program - for those who do not already have a Bachelor's degree - in combination with another degree that interests you. 

In today's competitive employment market, employers are looking for highly qualified graduates with a wide range of skills. Therefore, it goes without saying that two degrees are better than one.

Practice as soon as you graduate

In your last two years of your combined law degree you can choose to study our LLB (Practice) Program gaining you a Diploma of Legal Practice and enabling you to be admitted as a lawyer in Australia. 

The Newcastle Law School is the only Law School in New South Wales where upon completion of your studies you can be a certified practicing Lawyer, saving you time and money by not having to sit the bar exams.

Personalised learning environment

When you study law at Newcastle Law School you will experience a friendly and supportive learning environment. You will benefit from a comfortable student-teacher ratio, which creates a personalised learning environment, and you can expect:

  • Small tutorial sizes
  • Dedicated and accessible teachers
  • First-name terms with academic staff
  • A tight-knit student community

You will also have access to a range of support services and exceptional facilities including a mock court room and purpose built client interview rooms.

Join a vibrant student body

The Law Students' Association (LSA) is the heart of the student community at Newcastle Law School. The LSA builds a strong relationship between students and staff by creating a positive culture and spirit of collegiality.

From student advocacy and careers information, to competitions and social events, the LSA is committed to enhancing your experience at the University of Newcastle. Annual LSA events include:

  • Mooting (mock trials)
  • Negotiating and client interview competitions
  • Sport competitions
  • Social events, including the much anticipated Law Ball

Expand your career options

At the University of Newcastle, we offer a variety of combined degrees that enable you to tailor your undergraduate study to your desired career path.

For example, if you want to become a commercial lawyer, you might consider combining your law degree with a business or commerce degree. If you want to work in the field of environmental law, you could choose to combine your law studies with science. Even if you do not want to become a lawyer, a law degree will provide you with a multifaceted skill and knowledge base to help you in your chosen career. It will enhance your academic and professional qualifications and make you a more desirable employee.

As a graduate of the Bachelor of Laws (Honours), prospective employers will value your dedication, intellect and potential to achieve in high pressure environments.

What you will study