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Speech Pathology

Graduate attributes for the Bachelor of Speech Pathology are the skills, abilities and knowledge sets that are highly sought after in the industry. Below is the complete list of attributes that graduates will have demonstrated upon the completion of the degree.

Graduate Attributes

  • Distinctive and holistic: The graduates from The University of Newcastle will be distinctive having experienced a unique program in Australia where links to education and the arts, humanities and the social sciences have been emphasised. Having been based in a small metropolitan city with close community relationships, graduates will develop and maintain a holistic framework which is reflected in their approach to professional practice. Graduates will have experienced flexible learning opportunities allowing students to choose electives based on personal interest.
  • Comprehensively experienced: Graduates will be competent to take on the full range of communication and swallowing disorders because of their comprehensive experience across all areas of professional practice (CBOS-Units 1-5). They will seek out new experiences independently to develop their professional competence further (CBOS Unit 7). The program provides a wide variety of experiences for all graduates and subsequently ensures entry-level competence across all range indicators through a combination of the academic and clinical program assessment tasks.
  • Theoretically grounded: Graduates will offer a high quality service to each individual because of their ability to understand, integrate and develop different theoretical models, incorporate evidence-based practice principles to understand how the nature of each individual's difficulties relate to general principles of communication, swallowing and learning (COMPASS TM Generic Competencies Units 1 & 3, CBOS Units 1-5).
  • A skilled communicator: Excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills are required for building effective partnerships and establishing rapport with patients, care givers, health professionals, other sectors and stakeholders, and the media. Graduates will have developed their verbal and written skills to a high standard and will be able to educate others about speech pathology, including those with communication and swallowing difficulties, their carers, colleagues in both speech pathology and allied professions, and the general community (COMPASS TM Generic Competencies Units 2 & 4, CBOS Units 5, 6 & 7). Clinical placements provide students with opportunities to directly gain interdisciplinary team experience and to develop an understanding of the complementary roles of other professionals prior to graduation.
  • Self-aware and adaptable: Graduates will have the skills to meet the different challenges that arise across clinical contexts. They will have explored and reflected on their own values and those of the individuals they treat in a holistic way and reflected in their approach to professional practice. They will have gained experience in a wide range of settings and will be able to select and create innovative models of service delivery which best meet the needs of individuals, employing institutions, and the community (COMPASS TM Generic Competencies Units 1 & 4, CBOS Units 3-7).
  • Lifelong learner: Graduates will be able to deal with rapid change and with the challenges of the future. They will remain up-to-date in all professional areas, and on the cutting-edge of theoretical and professional innovation (all CBOS Units). They will contribute to the profession through engagement with research, teaching and service activities. They will be able to self-evaluate and reflect on their effectiveness with a forward-looking focus, and this ability will ensure their continuing development of competence throughout their professional lives (COMPASS TM Generic Competencies Units 1 & 3, CBOS 7).

Sample Jobs

While most graduates find work as Speech Therapists, this program has broader work opportunities. The following list provides some example jobs for the Speech Pathology degree. Some of these jobs will depend upon the amount and level of study undertaken, level of experience, and the combination of other majors and electives studied, for example some may require further study.   

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Practical experience Achievers