When you study law at the University of Newcastle you have the opportunity to support learning through various campus and community based programs.

Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws (Honours)


Meet our achievers for the Bachelor of Laws (Combined)




Bachelor of Arts (Politics)/Bachelor of Law 2007

After completing my Bachelor of Arts (Politics)/Bachelor of Laws degree, I am now working for the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department as a Graduate Legal Officer in Canberra. I am exposed to high-level policy creation and government decision making. Much of the work I have been involved with has had extensive media coverage which makes the work exciting.

My degree has been highly relevant to my current position in the political arena. I have used knowledge gained from my degree to analyse policy from a legal perspective, and have also been involved in legal problem solving. My arts degree has helped develop my research skills which I have found very useful while working for this Department.


Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws 2007

Katelin began her combined degree in 2002 and in 2006, along with another Newcastle Law School student, won the Sir Harry Gibbs National Constitutional Mooting Competition. While studying at Newcastle Katelin completed a clerkship with Maddocks Lawyers in Sydney n began full-time work as a solicitor with Maddocks Lawyers in March 2007.

Studying at the University of Newcastle has been an awesome experience, both socially and in terms of education.  The lecturers are friendly and approachable and the natural surrounds of the University contribute to the relaxed atmosphere.

Newcastle offers its law students the option to do the Professional Program, which is a great head-start to your career. The program gives students the practical training required to practise law upon completion of their law degree, which few universities offer. The practical experience I obtained through this program was invaluable as it allowed me to glimpse the workings of law in the real world.

Over the next couple of years Katelin will continue to work as a solicitor and plans possibly to open her own law firm or practice as a barrister.


Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws

My decision to go to uni has been a positive life changing decision and I have achieved things I would have never imaged I was capable of.

The best thing about uni is the diversity. There are people from so many different walks of life! You will always find someone that you have something in common with.

I have had so many amazing opportunities at the University of Newcastle and have really enjoyed my journey so far.


Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws

I am currently studying a combined degree of laws and arts, majoring in international affairs and politics. 

International affairs draws from areas of history, politics, human geography and foreign policy. The major prepares you for diplomatic, defence and foreign affairs positions. I hope to work in the international arena. It will provide me with the knowledge and necessary confidence to pursue a career in the area of human rights and advocacy.

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