A Bachelor of Aboriginal Professional Practice at the University of Newcastle teaches skills in areas derived from the arts and social science degrees.

Bachelor of Aboriginal Professional Practice

Creative and Performing Arts

STUDY A Creative and Performing Arts MAJOR

If you are looking to sharpen your skills and explore new and intriguing areas of self-expression, studying the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) major will develop your skills, boost your confidence and build your character. Whether you want to study art or drama, you will explore what it means to think creatively and how it can help you navigate an increasingly complex world.


You can choose from a diverse range of visual art, drama and performance-making and multi-media courses offered at the Newcastle and Central Coast campuses.

The creative and performing arts major has developed a course which reflects this world, encouraging students to be skilled across a range of creative disciplines, helping you to graduate multi-skilled and capable of articulating your creative work.

Visual artist, musician, writer and Creative Arts Lecturer Sean Lowry says this major attracts a wide range of academic abilities and the most exciting element of the courses is unlocking every student's potential.

CAREERS IN CREATIVE AND Explore your creativity in visual art, drama and multi-media with a major in creative and performing artsPERFORMING ARTS

As a graduate of this major, you will be valued in the workplace for your:

  • artistic and creative ability
  • communication skills
  • critical thinking
  • project management skills
  • technical knowledge
  • understanding of group dynamics.

Job opportunities exist in government and private sectors, as well as in other creative industries such as advertising, journalism, public relations and marketing.

For more about the Bachelor of Aboriginal Professional Practice program structure, please refer to the handbook.
For more about the Bachelor of Arts program structure, please refer to the handbook.
For more about the Bachelor of Creative Industries program structure, please refer to the handbook

Dr Gillian Arrighi - Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies

Learn from Industry leaders

Staff in our School of Creative Arts have national and international reputations in performance, creative work, scholarly research and teaching. They are living and breathing creative artists, researchers and/or performers - and sometimes a combination of the three.


Karen Dimmock

Meet a student achiever

Meet grandmother and third year Bachelor of Arts student Karen Dimmock, who has studied a major in creative and performing arts and has a message to share with "anyone who is a little older. You should never think that it is too late to take up study," the keen painter says.