A Bachelor of Aboriginal Professional Practice at the University of Newcastle teaches skills in areas derived from the arts and social science degrees.

Bachelor of Aboriginal Professional Practice

Community Welfare and Human Services

Equip yourself for roles in development, organisation, management and delivery of community welfare and human services.Available at Newcastle campus (Callaghan).

A community welfare and human services major gives you the opportunity to study policy and practice in welfare, education and community services.

This major is suited to students with an interest in supporting individuals, families and communities. It will equip you with the skills and knowledge to help bring about social change and development and make a real difference to people's lives.

In studying this major, you will benefit from a problem-based approach which values real-life examples and work-related tasks. In the final year you will get a taste for the industry and gain valuable work experience in a community welfare agency or human services organisation. This social services experience is designed to connect you with the workforce and to give you first-hand experience working with individuals, families, groups and communities.

Self-development and personal growth are a given with a community welfare and human services major. Lecturer Alex Beveridge describes the program as placing:

"significant emphasis on students finding their own social and political stances through interrogating and challenging taken-for-granted beliefs and ideologies. It is imperative to cultivate and encourage a reflexive professional who is able to locate themselves ethically, socially and politically. It is from this stance that graduates can begin making effective actions towards social change.''


An emerging field for graduates is the private business sector where there is work in human relations and skills training. Graduating with a community welfare and human services major, you may find work:

  • a research assistant to a sitting politician
  • a social policy researcher or community development worker
  • as a policy developer or analyst
  • in aged care services, housing and services to the homeless
  • in community development and social planning roles
  • in youth, drug and alcohol intervention
  • involving support and outreach to the mentally ill
  • providing support to migrants and refugees.

There are also jobs in not-for-profit, community-based services focused on offering support and intervention for:

  • child protection and refuge care
  • children and youths
  • families
  • mothers
  • specialist services reaching out to ethnically marginalised groups, gays and lesbians, bisexual and transgender clients
  • survivors of domestic violence
  • the aged

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