A Bachelor of Aboriginal Professional Practice at the University of Newcastle teaches skills in areas derived from the arts and social science degrees.

Bachelor of Aboriginal Professional Practice

What you will study

What you will studyThe Bachelor of Aboriginal Professional Practice (previously the Bachelor of Aboriginal Studies) has been redeveloped to deliver a core focus on ensuring a strong student understanding of Aboriginal culture, history and politics. Simultaneously students acquire knowledge, experience and practical preparation for work as a minority professional in either the Aboriginal or mainstream professional career market.

The Aboriginal Professional Practice degree offered at the University of Newcastle provides foundation knowledge in Aboriginal studies along with a wide range of majors which creates incredible career diversity for our graduates.

A major is an area you can specialise in within your degree. It allows you to gain detailed skills and a strong understanding of key principles in your chosen specialty.

Find out more about the following majors:

In addition to our campus based courses, the Aboriginal professional practice degree offers a number of courses online to provide added flexibility to your study program.

For more detailed information about the Bachelor of Aboriginal Practice program, please refer to the handbook.

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