Information for mid year entry on how to enrol into courses within the University of Newcastle


How to Enrol

For instructions on how to enrol in your courses download the How to Enrol guide (pdf). Follow these instructions or watch the following video for a visual demonstration.

Changing My Class Selection

The video below demonstrates how to change your class selection in myHub. Watch this video if you need to change a tutorial or computer lab time for one of your courses after you have enrolled in the course. 

Credit from prior studies?

If you have completed study with the University of Newcastle or another tertiary institution you may be eligible for credit from your prior studies. This credit may affect what courses you need to enrol in for this semester.

If you think you are eligible for credit you should contact your Program Officer to see which courses you should enrol in. Please see your Mid Year Enrolment Guide for your Program Officer's details.

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