ALLY is a network of UoN students and staff who have an understanding of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex people and the issues they face.


ALLY Logo ALLY is a network of UON students and staff who have an understanding of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people and the issues they frequently face.

The ALLY network aims to raise the awareness of LGBTI issues across our campuses and promote a more welcoming, diverse and inclusive culture at UON.

An ALLY is a trained person who has an understanding of lesbian, gay, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people and issues and can provide a 'safe zone' for support and referral services for LGBTI staff and students. An ALLY is not identified as being heterosexual or LGBTI, but rather is someone who is representative of the University community.

ALLIES are not experts of sexuality and gender identity but continue to develop their knowledge of these matters.

A UON ALLY can offer you:

  • a safe place to talk
  • an open and accepting attitude
  • an opportunity to be listened to and understood
  • confidentiality
  • a wide variety of referral avenues both on and off campus

Ally Newsletter

The Ally Network newsletter is distributed quarterly. Special editions newsletters are also distributed throughout the year.

The newsletter help to create ongoing support for Ally Network members and keep the Ally Network up-to-date with recent LGBTI events or issues.

Newsletter editions:

Ally Network members are welcome to submit articles or interest pieces. Submissions can be sent to Tara Payling

Join the ALLY network

If you would like to join the ALLY network, you will be expected to:

  • attend an Ally training session
  • be a role model for the University through your behaviour and language
  • work within and support existing equal opportunity and anti-discrimination policies
  • proactively raise the visibility of the UON ALLY Network
  • attend occasional ALLY meetings and information sessions where possible
  • know when to refer on or seek further assistance

Details on the next workshop will be advertised on the UON website and social media.

Register your interest via email to

Find an ALLY

There are a number of trained Allies across UON campuses to support LGBTI staff and students. ALLIES can provide 'point of call'  LGBTI support and referrals to appropriate services. To contact an Ally refer to the Current Allies List.