Frequently asked questions for industry scholars


You need to fill out a placement form (available on our website) PRIOR to any placement period. Most students will complete placement in the summer break, in which case placement details and placement forms should be confirmed and handed in to the Industry Scholarships office by the end of October each year. For those students who are completing placement throughout the year or in mid semester breaks ensure a placement form is handed prior to commencement of placement.

If there are any changes to your placement details such as new site address, change in supervisor or contact details you need to let the Industry Scholarships office know ASAP. We need to capture this information for both legal and insurance purposes and to aid with the organisation of placement visits.

If sponsors are expecting to have a 2 week break, placements should commence no later than the end of November during the summer break to ensure you can fit your 10 week placement in. If scholars complete exams earlier they can negotiate an earlier start for placement.

Yes a member of the Industry Scholarships staff will be contacting the sponsors and scholars to schedule a visit during the placement period. An additional mid-year visit will also be scheduled for scholars on a full year placement.

It is important Sponsors and Scholars submit the reports and make considered comments that reflect the Industry Placement experience. These reports are due at the Industry Scholarships office two weeks after the completion of placement. Your placement reports are put forward as part of The Foundation Award and Insignis Award where relevant; and all reports are forwarded to your Discipline Representative as part of Academic Review.

The University break is approximately 13 weeks, refer to the University Calendar for more specific dates. Unless scholars have made prior arrangements with their sponsor and advised UNISS, the placement should be completed within this period.

A scholar needs to adhere to the same working conditions as other employees and/or as directed by their placement supervisor. Ensure you have this discussion prior to starting placement.

This will vary with each sponsor company and should be discussed prior to commencement of placement.

Some scholars work longer than the normal 8 hour day but are then able to roll these hours over to count as part of another day. Other sponsor companies have the expectation that 9-10 hours is considered a normal working day, and it is counted as such.

If you feel that you are being asked to work unreasonable or excessive hours please contact the Student Liaison Officer.

No problem - in calculating the weeks planned for the placement, scholars are expected to factor in the normal working arrangements of the sponsor.

Whilst there is increased flexibility in the Industry Scholarship program, the negotiation of industry placements is between the scholar and sponsor. The final decision regarding any splitting of the 10 week placement rests entirely with the sponsor and is influenced by their operational and workload requirements.

All scholars accepting a scholarship is aware of the timing of the 10 week Christmas break placements. Scholars have an obligation to fulfil the requirements of their industry placement, including accepting the sponsor decision on timing and location of the placement.

The 10 week placement is 10 weeks of working to the sponsors 'normal' working conditions. Sponsors vary in their working week ie; 5 or 6 days a week, 9 day fortnight etc. The hours of work will vary with each sponsor ie; 6.30am – 3pm, 9am – 5pm, nightshift etc; It is important to gain a clear understanding of sponsor expectations and 'normal work practice' prior to commencing the placement.

If this is outside of the 'normal' week then sponsors should discuss the arrangements with their scholar. You should discuss overtime prior to commencing placement, most sponsor companies will have an existing arrangement.

Scholars undertaking their 48 week (full year placement) have access to a 4 week break. If the sponsor has a mandated 'shutdown' then the scholars would be expected to take a break and use the same leave as other employees.

If a scholar becomes ill during their placement they need to advise their sponsor and the Industry Scholarships office, it should also be noted on your timesheet.

It is expected that scholars will adhere to their sponsor company conditions. If you have more than 3 days of leave, you will need a medical certificate. This will need to be provided to the sponsor with a copy provided to the Industry Scholarships office.

During your 10 week placement any sick days will need to be made up at a mutually arranged time between the scholar and sponsor.

During your full year placement students are able to have up to 10 sick days before they need to start making them up.

All prolonged periods of illness will be discussed on a case to case basis, but you should ensure you keep both your sponsor and Industry Scholarships office updated.

Any absence from a placement will require a discussion with the sponsor and the Scholar Liaison Officer. Usually the scholar will adhere to the sponsor company working conditions surrounding additional leave. The Industry Scholarship office is here to support you and if you need any additional advice or guidance please contact the office.

A sponsor may determine where a scholar will be located during their placement. Sponsors and scholars should discuss the details of their placement, including the location. These details should be agreed upon before the end of October with placement forms submitted to the Industry Scholarship office. A scholar needs to understand the implications ie; is there available accommodation/will there be a mentor or supervisor available on site and briefed?

Scholars will need to discuss any issues with their sponsor in the first instance and refer to the Industry Scholarships office if they would like to discuss any issues. Please ensure all details are checked and confirmed ie; is there any support available to assist with relocation/ travel/ accommodation etc? Scholars who have any major concerns should ensure they discuss with the Scholar Liaison Officer prior to going on placement.

Most scholars will move straight into their 48 week placement from the 10 week placement, unless leave is negotiated. Sponsors may structure the placement to factor in a total of 58 weeks, accommodating holidays and negotiating the structure to fit in with business and project demands. Your placement report can be a combined 58 week placement report, or broken into 10 weeks followed by 48 depending on your placement structure and preference.

There are no issues with exposing the scholar to a broad range of work. It is important that the sponsor communicates the expectations and context of the work, prior to the placement. This should include explaining the range and scope of work they will be undertaking during their placement.

It is your responsibility to keep a timesheet of your hours/days. A record of your hours will need to sighted and signed off by your supervisor as part of finalising your placement report. The Industry Scholarships office can request a copy of your timesheet for their records at any time.

Every scholar needs to discuss this with their sponsor PRIOR to arriving to their industry placement.

Some sponsors are willing to discuss this matter and are able to provide support for students required to work remotely. This is to be negotiated on an individual basis. The Industry Scholarship office cannot advise a sponsor to provide any remuneration or additional financial benefit.

Industry Scholarship students will be placed on Leave of Absence (LOA) professional development. They will NOT be considered as enrolled full time students. The Industry Scholarships office will inform the Enrolments Office when you are on full year placement which will effectively change your enrolment status to LOA. If you intend to study a subject's during your full year placement you need to inform the Student Liaison officer so your status can be changed accordingly, you will not be able to enrol or vary your enrolment if you are placed on a leave of absence.