Students need to register to attend a graduation ceremony once you receive your invitation, through the graduation ceremony and academic dress online form.

Invitation and registration

Your invitation

In preparation to celebrate this wonderful milestone in your life, see the below details about your graduation invitation and registration.

You'll receive an invitation six weeks before your graduation ceremony which is sent to your UoN email address and to your postal address (your contact details in myHub through myUoN).

Please ensure UoN has your current postal address in myHub. If you need to update your postal address but can't access myHub, please email from your UoN email account.

Your invitation letter will provide details about your qualification, the ceremony you've been invited to attend and advise by when you need to RSVP. 

If your name is incorrect on your invitation letter, please complete the Change of Details form (PDF,244) and submit the form and documentation.

Register to attend

Once you have received your invitation, you may register to attend your graduation ceremony through the Graduation Ceremony and Academic Dress Hire form.

 You can nominate to either:

Once you submit your registration, you'll receive a receipt number and a confirmation email.  Please note, your registration is not complete until your payment is made.