Find out how to enrol in your courses in three easy steps.

How to enrol

Preparing for your enrolment is important and the following information will help you in this process.

Before you enrol

Search for your degree then search for your course outlines, so you know which courses you need to enrol in.

Undergraduate students

Check when enrolment opens for your program.

Postgraduate students

Check the opening dates and times of enrolment for your chosen courses.

To help prevent class clashes, you can create dummy timetables before you enrol. You can also check all class times that are available for your courses.

Check your degree and handbook for course requirements.

You can also contact your program officer who can let you know if you're meeting your degree requirements. Program officers are located at the Student Hubs.

If you've studied at another university or TAFE, you may be eligible for a credit transfer towards your degree at UoN.

This could affect some of the courses you're enrolling in, so it's a good idea to check this first.

Enrol in three easy steps

Step one

Log in to myHub through myUoN once enrolment for your course is open.

Step two

Choose your courses and the associated classes such as lectures, tutorials, laboratories, practicals etc., for the term in which you are enrolling.

Add one course at a time.

Step three

Check your 'Weekly Schedule' in myHub which shows your timetable for each week of the course.