Find information on how to apply for a degree.

Apply for a degree

Undergraduate study

If you're an undergraduate current student currently enrolled in a degree at UoN, and you want to apply for another degree, you'll need to reapply through UAC.

Postgraduate study

If you're a current student interested in postgraduate coursework, you can either apply through:

PhD and Research Masters study

If you're looking to study a PhD or Research Masters, see information on how to:


See our degrees for a list of Honours programs. You can apply to study Honours through the Direct Admission Application form (PDF, 296KB)

Additional application forms may be required depending on which Honours program you're applying for.

Faculty of Education and Arts

Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment

Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) End on Honours Application

Faculty of Health

Faculty of Science and Information Technology

International students

How to apply

If you're an international student, you need to apply to study at the University of Newcastle with International Admissions.

Email International Admissions or phone 4921 6236 for more information.


You need to enrol in a full time study load in myHub through myUoN.

A semester full time load is 40 units. A trimester full time load is 30 units.

You will receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) which outlines the expected time it will take for you to complete your degree while studying full time at UoN. If you don't complete your degree within the time listed, you may need to apply for an extension on your student visa, and it can only be extended in the following circumstances:

  • Compassionate or compelling circumstances, e.g. illness where a medical certificate states you were unable to attend classes or where the registered provider (UoN) was unable to offer a pre-requisite unit.
  • The registered provider (UoN) has implemented an intervention strategy if you're at risk of not completing your degree.
  • An approved leave of absence has been granted.

Your program officer can provide you with a CoE extension letter.

See a sample Confirmation of Enrolment letter (PDF, 185KB).


As a condition of your student visa, you need to maintain a minimum 80% attendance rate during your study at UoN, otherwise your student visa may be cancelled. See the ELICOS and International Foundation Program Attendance Procedure.

If you fail more than 50% of your courses in a study term, you'll be asked to meet with the ESOS Student Compliance Unit to determine if there are compassionate or compelling issues that have impacted on your results.

See the Admission and Enrolment Policy and Procedure Manual - Coursework programs (pg 26), and the Rules Governing Admission and Enrolment Policy for further details.

The University of Newcastle adheres to the Educational Services for Overseas Students ESOS framework. For more information, email

Transferring to another university

If you want to transfer to another university after you've accepted your offer at UoN, please provide the following to the ESOS Student Compliance Unit:

  • Complete a Request for Letter of Release form (PDF, 125KB).
  • Attach your offer letter from your new university or provider to the above form.
  • If you're an ELICOS student, please contact the Language Centre to complete a withdrawal letter.
  • If you're a sponsored student or are studying at the University on a scholarship, please inform your sponsor/scholarship provider of your revised study situation and get their approval for this amendment to your study duration.

For more information, see the International Students Requesting Transfer to Another Institution Procedure.

Summer school study

A small number of courses are offered to undergraduate and postgraduate students over the university summer break through summer school. You may wish to complete a course over the summer break to catch up a course you've missed or to fast-track your degree.

If a course is part of your current degree, you can add this to your degree program through myHub, after applying for enrolment access. If the course is not part of your degree, this is considered non-award study and fees apply which are additional to your degree.

Summer school courses are only available if there are enough students enrolled in them. The maximum study load in the summer school term is 20 units.

Course Availability

ACFI 3004 - Taxation - Callaghan

MATH 1120 - Mathematics 2 - Callaghan

RELT 1010 - Theology: Searching the Spirit - Online (Callaghan)

RELT 2021 - Directed Studies in Religion and Theology - Online (Callaghan)

RELT 6007 - Theology of Religious Education - BBI Online

RELT 6017 - Advanced Studies in Spirituality - BBI Online

RELT 6030 - Biblical Studies: Foundations - BBI Online

RELT 6032 - Advanced Studies: Directed - BBI Online

RELT 6040 - Faith, Revelation and Theology - BBI Online

Summer Term Dates

Commences: Monday 24 November, 2014

Recess: Monday 22 December, 2014 to Friday 2 January, 2015

Ends: Friday 6 February, 2015

Census Date: Friday 19 December, 2014

Examinations: Week commencing Monday 9 February, 2015

Full graded date: Monday 16 February, 2015

How to apply

To apply for summer school enrolment access, complete the 2014/15 Summer School Application (PDF, 139KB).

To apply for Mid Summer Maths enrolment access, complete the 2015 Mid Summer Maths Application (PDF, 171KB).

Current postgraduate Theology students do not need to submit the above application form, as you should already be active and eligible to enrol in the summer term courses via MyHub.

See the Admissions and Enrolment Policy and Procedure Manual - Coursework Programs for more details.

For more information on how to apply for a degree, see the Rules Governing Admissions and Enrolment Policy.