Academic progress information for current students.

Academic progress

Your faculty will review your academic performance if you:

After each semester, you will be advised if you're not making satisfactory academic progress in your degree, and will be given a few options to help improve your academic performance.

If you receive a review of progress notice you should contact your Program Advisor to discuss your progression through your degree and to see how we can help you get back on track with your studies.

Undergraduate Program Advisor List (178KB)
Postgraduate Program Advisor List (359KB

Show Cause

If after two consecutive terms, your academic performance is still unsatisfactory, you will need to provide your faculty with the reasons why you are having difficulties with your studies and why you want to continue with your degree by completing the show cause statement.

For more information about the Show Cause process and who you can contact for more information, please read the Show Cause Advice Sheet

To help keep you on track with your studies, seek help from our support services available for you:

For more details on academic progress, see the Program Management Procedure Manual - Coursework.