The campus has strong transport links, making it an ideal study location for many of our students, particularly those who study part-time and work close by.

Getting to Newcastle City precinct

Situated in the centre of Newcastle CBD, our City precinct is close to transport links.

Local buses stop at various locations in the city centre. Visit for timetable information.


There are no students or general parking available at this campus but parking facilities are available in the Civic West Parking Station in Gibson Street or on the roadsides.

If you are at this precinct late at night, we provide a security escort service to take you to your car or around the site. To use this service please call, 0400 243 022.


Staff Parking is available and allows you to park in a space marked Staff at the Newcastle City Precinct. For more information please click here.

Staff, reserved, disabled parking is available and a valid permit must be displayed and traffic and parking rules apply.


Holders of RTA Mobility Permits are eligible for free parking in Disabled and Staff car parking spaces. The permit must be clearly displayed on the front left-hand side of the vehicle's windscreen at all times. Please note that RTA Mobility Parking Scheme conditions apply.

Motorcycle parking is available at various locations around the Newcastle City Precinct.