Our system for preventing injuries and illnesses involves identifying and managing risks and reporting hazards, incidents and injuries if they occur.

Hazards, incidents and injuries

Injuries and illnesses at work are preventable. Our process for preventing injuries and illnesses involves:

  1. identifying and managing health and safety risks
  2. reporting when a hazard, incident or injury occurs to take action and eliminate the chance of injury or reoccurrence.

This reporting system is required under NSW Work Health and Safety legislation.

It is important that all hazards, incidents and injuries are reported as it allows us to take immediate action to make our workplace safer.

Reporting a hazard, incident or injury

It is the responsibility of the person involved in the incident, or the person who identified the hazard to use the online incident reporting system to report hazards, near misses or injuries. Near misses are events that could have caused an injury but thanks to luck didn't. This system ensures the Health and Safety team receive the form quickly to take action and reduce the risk. If you are a Newcastle Innovation staff member, including TUNRA, login to the ConnX Employee Services Portal and read the information on the Newcastle Innovation website.

You can check the progress of the incident on our online reporting system.

If you have sustained an injury see injury management or workers compensation.