Grow your career and perform better in your job with our new Performance Review and Development process (PRD). Find out more about what it means for you.

Our new PRD: a platform for success

We have recently launched a new Performance Review and Development process called the PRD.

Our new PRD provides:

  • Role clarity – so you understand the requirements of your job.
  • Performance clarity – so you understand what performance is expected of you and how this contributes to our strategic objectives.
  • Career clarity – so we can support you to build your career through training and development.

The new process is a shared responsibility between you and your manager and hinges on regular performance and development conversations.

All academic and professional staff will transition to the new PRD throughout 2014.

By having a thorough performance planning and review process we are equipping UoN to be a world-class institution. By ensuring that we are all performing at a high level and seizing opportunities to improve and grow, we are making UoN more competitive in all of our spheres of achievement and creating a unique place where all staff can make their mark.

Our new PRD is the centrepiece of the Future Workforce Plan, which is a key initiative of our NeW Directions Strategic Plan.

Find out what this means for you or see the FAQs about the change.

Provide your feedback

Throughout 2014, the PRD will be refined and improved as we go. You will know the most about what does and doesn't work for you as both a staff member or manager. Please email any feedback to Human Resource Services.