PRD provides clarity on your goals and supports stronger results and development.

Performance Review and Development (PRD)

Performance planning and review supports our commitment to being a world-class university. Our PRD is a collaborative, on-going process between you and your manager to plan, develop and evaluate your work.

Discuss PRD The PRD aims to provide clarity around your role, performance and career, and to ensure that each of us is working toward achieving the strategic objectives of the University.

All ongoing staff and staff on fixed-term contracts (of more than six months) are expected to have a PRD in place and hold regular performance conversations with their manager or supervisor.

The combined PRD cycle

The PRD process occurs over the course of the year.

The combined PRD cycle for performance and development

What happens when?

November to February*

In the period from November to February, managers and staff review performance over the previous year and agree goals for the year ahead. Templates and resources are available for academic and professional staff to assist in preparing for and as a guiding tool for PRD conversations.

May to June*

To provide development planning with sufficient focus and attention, it is recommended that a separate development conversation is scheduled for May-June each year.

Throughout the yearRegular conversations and feedback on progress

* Where more practical, it is acceptable for managers to combine these two elements of the PRD cycle into one meeting.

Useful resources

There are a number of useful resources on the PRD website, included the PRD handbook, email templates and conversation guides. More resources are under development, including a video guide which focuses on how to hold quality PRD conversations.