By extending our skills, knowledge and strengths we are equipped to meet challenges and become a world-class institution. Learn about the options available.

Career development

By extending our skills, knowledge and strengths we are equipped to meet the challenges in our sector and become a world-class institution. We provide an environment where staff can continuously develop as individuals, teams and leaders. As well as tailored training programs, we provide valuable opportunities for you to step up and develop in your career.

Plan your development

You are responsible for your career. Mapping out where you want to go is important. Through our PRD process you will do this with your manager on a yearly basis. We also offer workshops (PDF, 1.6MB) to help you plan your career.

Everyone as a leader

All staff at UoN are leaders in the making. No matter what level you are, from the Vice-Chancellor, to managers to individuals, you should be stepping up and showing leadership in your area of work. Our Leadership Framework provides a blueprint for how we can all be leaders.

Grow your experience

Research shows that the most valuable learning to progress in your career is through experience. There are many opportunities to help you gain additional experiences.

Learn from others

Drawing on the knowledge of others is also a valuable tool in furthering your career. This can include things like coaching, mentoring, job shadowing and support and direction from managers and other staff.

Formal training and qualifications

Formal training is useful to learn new skills or refresh your current skills. We provide a range of training opportunities to give you that extra boost.