Avoid traffic and parking by cycling to work, while keeping fit at the same time. We provide facilities and services to make cycling to work easy.

Cycling to campus

One of the cheapest ways to travel to Uni is by cycling, and it has the added bonus of boosting your fitness at the same time. If you live in the city, it's a comfortable 14 – 16km trip via two routes to our Callaghan campus. Should you cycle at a leisurely pace, this will get you here in under an hour, but, if you're a committed cyclist cycling to uni can take less than 30 minutes from the city. (That's faster than the bus!)

Cycling has a range of benefits:

  • it's free
  • parking's easy
  • it improves your physical and mental health and fitness
  • it's fun!

If you're after an easy trip to Callaghan campus, through quiet backstreets, follow these two routes provided by Cycleways Newcastle. 

If you're cycling to our city campus, follow these maps.

On the Central Coast here's the way you'll want to ride.

Even though you're cycling, you still need to follow the road rules when you're riding. Try these tips to stay safe:

  • stick to cycle lanes or the far left of the road (looking out for car doors opening) use hand signals to indicate when you're turning
  • wear brightly coloured or reflective gear when cycling to stay visible
  • ensure your lights and reflectors are in good working order for when you have to ride in low light or low visibility periods.

Bike Hubs at Callaghan campus

Take advantage of the newest addition to Callaghan Campus: Bike Hubs.  These hubs include:

  • secure bike storage
  • secure lockers for cycling equipment
  • shower facilities
  • mechanic shop/workspace.

If they're proven a success (and why wouldn't they be?) there are plans to construct these hubs in other campuses such as the NeW Space City Campus and Central Coast. The Cycle Hubs are partially funded by SSAF.

The University of Newcastle Bicycle User Group (NuBUG) is a cycling advocacy group for staff and students, which promotes cycling for fun, camaraderie, sport and transport.

NUBUG also operates the BikeLoveCorral on Newcastle campus at Callaghan which provides:

  • bike hire (bike library) 
  • bike repairs and checks
  • bike repair workshops

Bike Love Corral is now housed at the rear of the Bike Hub East in the Cycling Hubs.  (From the Bike Hub East entrance walk around the hub to the car park side and you will see the BLC.)

Shared path etiquette

The newly updated UON paths are shared pathways. Follow our etiquette tips so everyone can enjoy getting around our campuses.

  1. Stick to the left of the path.
  2. Travel at a safe speed and give way to others.
  3. When riding a bike, use your warning bell when overtaking pedestrians.