There are lots of new things to get used to and do as a new staff member. Your manager or supervisor will help you and you can work through the process.

Starting out

We know as a new member of our team, there are lots of new things to get used to and do. Your manager/supervisor or an Onboarding Officer within your faculty or division will help you and you can work through the process below to help set yourself up and get ready for work. We do our best to prepare and get you ready to be productive on your first day.

What to do on your first day

  • Use your staff number to set up your computer accounts.
  • Activate your HRonline account.
  • Get your NUcard staff ID card.
  • Familiarise yourself with key online systems such as HRonline, Maximo, 17triplezero IT service portal.
  • See Human Resource Services or your Onboarding Officer for your complimentary two week parking permit (Newcastle campus only).
  • Look into longer term parking and transport options and organise a permit if you need one.
  • If your manager or Onboarding Officer has not done it already, apply for any keys or access cards that are relevant to your area.
  • Your manager or someone from your team will help you get familiarised with the office including where the kitchen, toilets, photocopier and printer are.
  • Have a look around this web site to learn more about UoN and what we do.
  • Update your staff directory details in HRonline.
  • Look at the campus maps to help you find your way around.

What to do in your first two weeks

What to do in your first six months

If you are an Onboarding Officer please use the onboarding guide (DOC, 24KB) to help prepare for the arrival of a new staff member.