The University of Newcastle may provide mobile devices to staff members and business functions where there is a demonstrated business need.

Mobile devices

Mobile devices such as iPads and mobile phones may be provided to you for business purposes. Allocation and use of all UoN mobile devices is governed by the Mobile Phones - Purchasing and Use Policy.

To find out more about ordering a mobile device, see ordering equipment.

Mobile device resources

The following resources are provided to help you if you have been issued with a UoN device such as an iPad or iPhone. This information may also be useful if you have a personally owned iOS device, but is provided as a guide only.

Multiple copy apps

Multiple copies of some iOS apps can be purchased through IT Services using the iOS volume purchase form (PDF, 1MB) under the Volume Purchase Plan (VPP). Not all apps are available through the VPP.

Please note:

  • a minumum of 10 units must be purchased
  • the exact app name, and cost per unit in Australian dollars must be included on the request form. This information is available from the iTunes store

Single copy apps

If you require any additional software for your UoN iPad or iPhone you must purchase the apps at your own expense, and claim approved transactions through Spendvision.

Members of University Council and Senior Executive who have been issued with a University iPad can contact the 17triplezero IT Service Desk to arrange purchase of apps.

You should ensure you regularly back up (PDF, 290KB) your iPhone or iPad, including all music, apps, data, photos, videos, settings, messages and ringtones. This will ensure that you have a copy if something happens to your device.

Set up an iTunes account (Apple ID)An iTunes account is necessary to access updates and download software (even if it is free).Instructions on Apple web site
Update to the latest iOS version for your iPad or iPhoneGet the best results from your iPad with access the latest apps.Instructions on Apple web site
Backup your iPad or iPhone regularlyKeep a copy of your settings and media (including playlists and applications purchased from the App Store) for safekeeping or for transfer to another iPad or iPhone.Backup your settings to the Apple web site (iTunes)

Backup your iTunes library to CD or DVD
Secure your iPad or iPhone using a pass codeYou are the only person able to use the device.Instructions on Apple web site
Install 'Find My iPhone'To track your iPad or iPhone if it is lost or stolen.Instructions on Apple web site
Free app
Record your device serial numberIn case your iPad or iPhone is lost or stolen, or for warranty/support purposes.Instructions on Apple web site
Familiarise yourself with the settings areaUse Settings to personalise apps, set the date and time, turn on wireless access and change other settings such as volume and screen brightness.Read Chapter 22 of the iPad User Guide (PDF)
Use a University credit card to make purchases from the App store or iTunesSuch use is included in the  Schedule of Prohibited Purchases in the University's Purchasing Card - Policy and Procedures
Jail-break your iPad or iPhoneThis exposes it to malware and malicious software and voids any warranty.
We will not support University-owned iPads or iPhones that have been jail-broken.

Note: We don't provide support for personally owned devices and can take no responsibility for data loss.