As part of our enterprise agreements, staff will be kept informed and given the chance to be consulted on any changes to our workplace.

Organisational change

UoN consults with staff on changes to our workplace including restructures, changes to work conditions, relocations and new job requirements.

For more information on the process see organisational change in your relevant enterprise agreement.

If you are indirectly affected or have an interest in the change you can make a submission. See the relevant consultation paper below for more information.

Current change projects

Consultation paper - International Office, March 201 (PDF, 671KB)

Administrative Assistant, Admissions HEW 4 (15042-15043) (PDF, 81KB)

Administrative Assistant, Engagement HEW 4 (15041) (PDF, 85KB)

Personal Assistant HEW 4 (15044) (PDF, 66KB)

Administrative Assistant, Mobility HEW 4 (15040) (PDF, 76KB)

Business Intelligence and Development Officer HEW 5 (15038) (PDF, 73KB)

Admissions Officer HEW 5 (15032-15037) (PDF, 83KB)

Institution Relations Officer HEW 5 (15031) (PDF, 71KB)

Business Intelligence and Development Support HEW 5 (15039) (PDF, 75KB)

Collaborations Officer HEW 6 (15025) (PDF, 71KB)

Business Development Officer HEW 6 (15027-15028) (PDF, 100KB)

Student Engagement Officer (Newcastle based) HEW 6 (15018-15020) (PDF, 92KB)

Business Intelligence and Analytics Officer HEW 6 (15026) (PDF, 77KB)

Mobility Officer HEW 6 (15029-15030) (PDF, 79KB)

Student Engagement Officer (Sydney based) HEW 6 (15021-15023) (PDF, 92KB)

Assistant Team Leader, Admissions Management HEW 7 (15010) (PDF, 85KB)

Scholarships Management Officer HEW 7 (15006-15007) (PDF, 81KB)

Assistant Team Leader, Student Engagement (Sydney based) HEW 7 (15005) (PDF, 91KB)

Team Leader, Mobility and Scholarships HEW 8 (15008) (PDF, 84KB)

Team Leader, Compliance and Protocols HEW 8 (15017) (PDF, 77KB)

Faculty Business Partner HEW 8 (15012-15014) (PDF, 104KB)

Team Leader, Student Engagement HEW 8 (15004) (PDF, 94KB)

Business Development Manager, South East Asia and the Pacific HEW 8 (15016) (PDF, 102KB)

Team Leader, Business Intelligence and Development HEW 8 (15011) (PDF, 77KB)

Team Leader, Admissions Management HEW 8 (PDF, 85KB)

Business Development Manger, Greater China HEW 8 (15015) (PDF, 102KB)

Assistant Director, Transnational Education HEW 9 (15003) (PDF, 90KB)

Assistant Director, Business Development Asia HEW 9 (15002) (PDF, 102KB)

Director, Sustainable Enrolments and Partnerships HEW 10+ (15001) (PDF, 128KB)

Director, Strategic Institution Relations, Greater China HEW 10+ (15045, PDF, 102KB)