The Centre for Teaching and Learning supports conjoints and sessional staff members, with resources, professional development and services.

Professional development

Sessional staff play an important role in supportingTeaching evidence teaching and learning outcomes at UoN.

Whether you are a Research Higher Degree student, a conjoint staff member or teaching at UoN on a short-term contract, the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is committed to providing ongoing support so you can continue to improve your teaching.

To help you in your pursuit of teaching excellence and learning success, CTL provide: 

Fundamentals in University Teaching Certificate  This certificate is designed to orient sessional  academic staff to teaching in the university setting.

The BOLD Lab −  Instructional designers provide ongoing support for the development of online content, as well as the design and presentation of fully online courses.

UoNline Support −  This team works with academic staff to provide a rich and comprehensive platform on which to offer our students access to course materials, assessments, activities and collaborative opportunities.

Peer Review −  CTL offers academic staff the opportunity for peer assisted review of teaching.

Assessment Support −  CTL offers a number of sessions relating to the design and implementation of effective assessment strategies that reflect alignment with overall course learning outcomes.

Mid-Semester Feedback −  CTL gives sessional lecturers and/or tutors the opportunity to solicit anonymous, confidential mid-semester feedback on teaching and/or the course from their students.

One-on-One Consultations −  Customised sessional workshops and individual consultations for sessional staff are provided on an ongoing basis.

Teaching and Learning Grants and Awards −  The University of Newcastle aims to recognise and reward great teaching, and sessional academics are eligible to apply for the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence for Sessional Staff. Each year, these awards recognise excellent teaching across UoN.