UoN staff receive important organisational messages in a number of ways, with internal communication shared across a number of different areas.

Staff engagement

At UON, we want our staff to be engaged, connected and informed.

As we strive to achieve our vision for 2025, it is important for all UON staff to understand the University's strategic priorities and to celebrate our achievements and successes as they happen. It is also vital that each member of staff has easy access to the information they need to make a meaningful contribution through their role.

Connecting in your area

Managers are responsible for ensuring that important messages filter through to all staff.  This may be done through team meetings, emails or other forms of communication. Equally, it is your manager's role to communicate back 'up the chain' any thoughts or concerns that you raise.

Division and Faculty marketing officers also support staff engagement in their particular areas. They can provide advice on the most effective ways to get your message out.

Any and all staff engagement activity at UON should reflect the leadership behaviours described in the Leadership Framework - particularly the notions collaboration, excellence, performance, courage and respect.

Communicating across the organisation

Staff engagement at UON takes into account the diverse nature of our workforce - geographical location, types of roles, environments and work arrangements.

Using a range of media and channels, staff communication and engagement is driven by different areas of the University.  You can submit your story by email or phone the relevant person to discuss your messages.

Human Resource Services Contact
Sarah Nash
Leah Kiem
Leah Pringle
Human Resource Services

Marketing and Public Relations Contact
  • advice and communications support for key staff projects and activities

Andrea Hammond
Director, Marketing and Public Relations