Records management provides advice on keeping University records.

Records Management Office

The Records Management Office (RMO) is located within Council Services and Chancellery, and is responsible for ensuring that the University meets its Records and Information management obligations through the implementation of best practice Records Management Policies and Guidelines.

We offer a number of quality services,which include:

  • Managing a central collection of University
  • Administration of the University's Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) called TRIM (HPE Records Manager)
  • Provide education, training and advice about best practice recordkeeping processes for creating, storing, disposing and archiving of records.

What is a Record ?

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State Records Act 1998

Records of the University are records of the State and as such we are bound by the

State Records ACT 1998.

As a staff member, this means that you must:

  • Create full and accurate records of your work
  • Take responsibility for the security and access to records
  • Only dispose of,  alter or remove records with the appropriate authority by the Records Management Office (RMO).