The Legal Office provides independent and objective legal advice to the University

Legal Office

Mission statement

We strive to ensure our services are independent, contemporary and of the highest quality. Our expertise and capabilities are aligned with the core functions of the University.

Our focus is on providing specialist advice to assist the University in meeting the Lead Strategies. We enable the University to quickly respond to business needs in a manner which protects the University's interests and is commercially sensitive.

The Legal Office is a leader in the organisation for driving efficiencies in internal processes. Our advice is prompt and business focused and we are the University's trusted business advisor.

Role of the Legal Office

The Legal Office advises University personnel on a broad range of legal issues and matters that arise through the University's pursuit of its educational and commercial objectives.

The Legal Office balances its pragmatic and commercially sensible advice with its obligations to meet the standards of conduct required of the legal profession.

The Legal Office executes its role by:

  • supporting senior management in achieving the University's strategic objectives;
  • providing legal assistance and support on the University's major projects and initiatives;
  • assisting University personnel to identify and manage legal risk;
  • managing disputes and litigation; and
  • providing decision makers with education and training so that they may make informed decisions about legal risks and how to mitigate those risks in their dealings on behalf of the University.

The Legal Office Manual provides a comprehensive overview of the role of the Legal Office. Please review the Legal Office Manual to find out:

  • The scope of legal services provided
  • When legal advice must be sought
  • When legal advice is not required
  • Who is authorised to engage the Legal Office
  • How to request legal advice

The legal advice request process

A summary of the request process is set out in the flow chart below and Engaging the Legal Office information sheet.

Research Services (Research & Innovation Division) are responsible for addressing queries relating to grant funded research agreements. Please contact Nicholas Drew (4921 8822) if you have any questions regarding a research agreement.

When legal advice is not required

You do not need to seek legal advice where a standard form agreement prepared and approved by the Legal Office is used, with no amendment to the legal terms in the agreement. You can access the approved legal template agreements via the "Legal precedents" section below.

The Legal Office has developed a number of legal precedents that can be used to engage third parties in an efficient, professional, consistent, and risk conscious way. If you are a staff member, you can download the precedents from our precedents pages below:

The University General Counsel is the only staff member authorised to receive subpoenas. Please direct anyone serving a subpoena, or any subpoenas served by mail, to the Legal Office in Room CH259, Chancellery Building, Newcastle campus (Callaghan).

External parties wishing to subpoena the University or any of its employees should serve the documents to:

The Proper Officer
The University of Newcastle
c/- Legal Office (CH259)
University Drive
Callaghan NSW 2308

The Legal Office team deploys its years of experience and expertise to a diverse range of legal issues and projects throughout the University. The team are committed to the efficient and effective delivery of legal services to University stakeholders.

The Legal Office Team

From the bottom left: Daniel Rampling, Jennifer Flinn (General Counsel), and Daniel Bell.
From the top left: Daisy Davis, Clive Hutcheon, Tess van Weerdenburg, and Louise Hodson.