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University Council

Council is the University's executive governing body. It is the most senior decision-making body of the University and is responsible for the oversight, management and development of strategic plans and key policies. Council monitors the overall performance and accountability of the organisation and is subject to standards of corporate governance.

Council membership

Council is comprised of 16 members with a diverse range of skills and experience.

Standing Committees of Council

Other committees of Council

The Animal Care and Ethics Committee (ACEC) is responsible for the consideration of ethical and welfare aspects, as well as the scientific or educational value, of the use of animals for research and teaching purposes.

The Gladys M Brawn Memorial Gift Committee is responsible for administering the Gladys M Brawn Memorial Fellowship to attract researchers in medicine or related disciplines.

Contact Shirley Savy in the Faculty of Health and Medicine for more information.

All human research projects conducted at the University or by staff and students of the University, require approval from the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) before the research can commence.

The Kelver Hartley bequest was established from the estate of Professor Kelver Hartley, UoN's first Professor of French. The bequest supports activities which promote the study of French and assist students currently engaged in this endeavour. Funds are administered to support undergraduate and honours scholarships, exchange scholarships to University of La Rochelle, France, and institutional educational purposes, including strategic research initiatives, publications subsidies, visiting scholars and RHD scholarship.

The Kelver Hartley collection is a collection of approximately 600 books donated to the Library.

The Council is served by the University Secretariat, and demonstrates a commitment to good governance practices (PDF 126KB).