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Audit Subcommittee

The Audit Subcommittee is established by Council and among the membership of the Finance and Audit Committee for the primary purpose of assisting the Council in:

  • overseeing the internal auditor's independence, the performance of the University's internal auditor and the internal audit function across the whole scope of the University business; and
  • overseeing the University's systems of disclosure controls and procedures, internal controls over financial reporting, internal controls over the compliance obligations of the University, and compliance with ethical standards adopted by the University.

2014 meeting dates

Meeting Date

Meeting Time and Location

Date Papers Due

Wednesday 30 July 2014

8.30am to 10.00am

IDC Building, Council Room

Thursday 10 July

Wednesday 10 September 2014
(Meeting cancelled)


Wednesday 5 November 2014

8.30am to 10.00am

IDC Building, Council Room

Thursday 16 October


For more information please contact:

Martene Archer, Director, Council Services and Chancellery