We hold insurance policies to cover staff and students engaged in University activities and to protect the University against loss.


If you are a student, you can find detailed and specific information about the insurance program for you and student-related activities here.

The information below relates specifically to staff activities.

Our cover

You may be covered by the University's insurance policies if you are undertaking officially approved activities related to your work. This information provides a brief overview but is not an insurance contract. Contact CS&C Insurance for information about our insurance cover and how to make a claim, or phone on 02 491 38180.

This insurance covers some items (subject to terms and conditions) that are lost or damaged in transit to and from the University. Please contact the Insurance Team for information.

UON has protection for claims made against its staff and students for the provision of, or failure to provide, any care, treatment, or service in respect of the physical or mental health of a person which results in bodily injury, death, sickness, disease, disability, shock, fright, mental anguish or mental injury to any person.

Medical practitioners working in the University clinics must have their own medical malpractice insurance.

Medical malpractice insurance does not provide coverage for students of medicine wanting to undertake work experience in addition to the requirements of their course. For more details read information for students about insurance.

See the Medical malpractice certificate of currency (PDF, 16KB)


Any knowledge of an event which may give rise to a claim should be reported immediately to our insurance team. Failure to do so may limit or negate the insurance protection available to UON.

All vehicles owned by the University are covered by comprehensive motor vehicle insurance including compulsory third party insurance. You must have a valid drivers' licence and approval to drive a University vehicle.

Make a claim

To arrange repair of accident damage to a University-owned vehicle (including pool vehicles), please call VERO, the University's motor vehicle insurance company, on 1800 222 043 and lodge a claim over the phone. You will need to quote policy number: MSL016751021.

VERO will advise of the process of getting quotes and repairs completed, as well as how to pay any excess.

Our personal accident insurance covers conjoint staff and approved volunteers while they are engaged in University activities.

What it covers

It is accident cover only and does not cover illness. The policy includes a $50 excess for each claim and a one week excess on weekly benefits.  Cover is limited, so you should obtain your own insurance if you require more comprehensive coverage.

Our personal accident policy covers:

  • death and capital benefit
  • weekly injury benefit
  • home tutorial benefit
  • injury assistance benefit
  • modification benefit
  • medical expenses related to injury up to $100,000 (only those not claimable on Medicare). This means any medical service given that has a Medicare item number cannot be claimed – even if there is a gap from the Medicare rebate. This is part of the Health Act and cannot be avoided. Please obtain your own insurance if you do not feel this will be adequate for your needs.

This policy takes effect after claims are made on your private medical insurance.

Read the summary of the personal accident and injury policy (PDF, 88KB) for more details.

Make a claim

Complete the personal accident claim form (PDF, 94KB) and send it to the Risk Insurance Team.

Our cover includes insurance against legal liability for breaches of professional duty by staff engaged in approved University activities by reason of any negligent act, error or omission in conduct of those University activities.

The policy includes a worldwide cover, however for activity in other countries you may have to arrange additional coverage to satisfy the insurance requirements of that country.  Please consult with CS&C Insurance prior to entering into any agreements in other countries.

See the Professional indemnity certificate of currency (PDF, 16 KB) for more details.


If you become aware of an incident that might involve a claim against the University for breaches of professional duty by staff, please notify CS&C Insurance as soon as possible.

Property owned or leased to the University is covered against unforseen loss or damage. Your personal property is not covered by this program.

Staff library collections on campus are covered against loss or damage by fire, water and theft where this has clearly occurred. You should keep a register of your books and supply this as evidence when making a claim. You will also need to pay an excess of $250 and the policy is limited to cover of $25,000.

See the Property insurance certificate of currency (PDF, 29KB) for more details. 

Make a claim

Please notify CS&C Insurance as soon as possible about theft or damage to University property or staff libraries. Failure to notify and arrange a claim within six months may jeopardise or limit the protection available.

Public Liability cover includes protection against claims that may be brought by third parties for injury to third parties and/or damage to third party property in those instances where the University may be proven legally liable.

See the Public liability certificate of currency (PDF, 29KB) for more details.

For students on placement in the USA and Canada, refer to the Public liability certificate of currency for Students on placement in the USA and Canada.

In the legal sense, negligence means:

  1. failure to use reasonable care
  2. failure to act as a reasonable person would be expected to act in similar circumstances where such failure leads to a person being injured or their property damaged

Geographical limits

Our coverage extends to anywhere in the world for activity associated with the core functions of UON or its Controlled Entities.


If you become aware of an incident where a person is injured or property is damaged that may be a result of the University's negligence, please notify CS&C Insurance as soon as possible.

If you travel on approved official University activities, you are covered by our corporate travel policy for the official University component of your trip. Approval for official University activities is included in the funding application process or through your Faculty/School. You must have proof of this approval to be eligible for protection under this cover.

Excluded Destinations

Our insurance program does not provide cover for any travel to Cuba or Iran. If you are undertaking travel to either of these locations, it is our recommendation that you arrange private travel insurance with an insurer who is able to cover these destinations.

Please note this cover is limited. You must follow all University procedures and have obtained official approvals for coverage to apply. You need to find out what  is not covered before you go and, if needed, organise additional personal travel insurance.

Read more about travelling on University business.

See the Summary of travel insurance provisions (PDF, 48KB) for more details.

Before you go

If you are traveling for UON approved business of six nights or longer, you need to complete and submit this Travel Diary before you leave. Please contact your travel arranger for instructions and more information on the Travel Diary.

What to do in an emergency

If you experience a medical or security problem while travelling, you can get help from International SOS (ISOS). Our membership of ISOS provides access to free, 24/7 assistance on call, online and even on the ground to help with any medical, security and logistical questions, concerns and situations that may arise. This may include recommending an appropriate doctor or medical service.

Call ISOS +61 2 9372 2468

You can call this Sydney number reverse charge from overseas or you can contact any ISOS office overseas. For more information on countries you are visiting, and to download the ISOS Smartphone App, please see International SOS.

The University membership number is 12ACPA000086.

Make a claim

Gather and keep all documents relating to your loss or injury. Examples include police reports, medical reports, and lost baggage correspondence.

Complete the Corporate travel  claim form (DOC, 150KB) and lodge it with CS&C Insurance.

You should notify CS&C Insurance as soon as possible of your circumstances and lodge your claim within six months of the date of loss or injury. Claims not lodged within six months risk being denied.

If an accident, injury or illness occurs at work, staff are covered by the University's workers compensation insurance. Contact the Health and Safety team in Human Resource Services for information.