Online Electives

What are Electives?

Electives are courses you can choose outside core or compulsory courses in your degree. They can be chosen from all courses available at the University that do not have any other conditions (such as a course requisite) applied to them.

You can choose an elective in any area of interest, or you can use electives to extend and complement your core studies with more courses in the same area as your major(s), as long as there are no restrictions on the course.

Available courses

The courses below are available for undergraduate students to study as electives. There will be some variation in availability of courses over academic periods. Check whether the course you are interested in studying is available by clicking the links below.

ABOR1110Introduction to Aboriginal Studies
ABOR1112Introduction to Torres Strait Islander Studies
ABOR1370Working with Aboriginal Communities
ABOR1420Communicating with Aboriginal People
ABOR2244Reconciling Australia's Colonial Past and Present
ABOR2330Traditional Aboriginal Society
ABOR2381Aboriginal Workplace Human Rights & the Minority Worker
ABOR3024Aboriginal Community Development Advocacy
ABOR3251International Indigenous Comparative Studies>
ARBE1101Construction Technology 1
ARBE1102Construction Ecology 1
FREN3701Extended French
GENG1600Sustainable Energy - the Australian Setting
HLSC2100Volunteerism - Perspectives and Management
HLSC2241Engaging Communities: Cross disciplinary Perspectives
HLSC2242Working with Men and Boys in Human Services
LING3280Language in Education
MARI2900The Marine Environment
MECH2350Dynamics 2
MEDI3330Stroke: From Risk to Recovery
MUSI1501Guitar Notation Systems and Styles
OHSE1120Occupational Health II
OHSE2320Ergonomics for OHS
PHIL1080Understanding Western Civilization
PSYC1030General Psychology
SCIT2100Contemporary Science and Professional Communication
SOCA2102Sociology of Childbirth and Midwifery
SPSW1001Intro to Human Services & Community Welfare
RELT1010Theology: Searching the Spiritual
RELT1030Introduction to Scrolls and Scriptures
RELT1011Christianity: History of a Global Religion
RELT1012The Church: Orthodoxy and Beyond
RELT1021Religion in Film
RELT1022Buddhist and Other Contemplative Practices
RELT1023Service Care in Religious Organisations
RELT2010The Many Faces of Jesus
RELT2020Children of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
RELT2030Reading Scrolls and Scriptures: Methodologies
RELT2012Church, State and Civil Society
RELT2013Christian Spirituality
RELT2015History of the Christian Churches in Australia
RELT2022Religious Ethics
RELT2023Interreligious Dialogue
RELT2024Psychology of Religion
RELT2033Hebrew Bible
RELT2034New Testament
RELT3010Modern Theology: Confession and Controversy
RELT3020Religion in the Secular World
RELT3030Scrolls and Scriptures: Uses and Abuses
RELT3040Theology Work Integrated Learning
RELT3012Apocalypse Now: Theology at the End of the World
RELT3022Jewish Thought after the Holocaust
RELT3023Islam: History, Theology and Culture
RELT3024Religious Law
RELT3032The New Testament in the Greco Roman World

For more courses please check the handbook section within the degree (for example, Bachelor of Arts) in the degree finder.