Advanced Studies in Spirituality

Course code RELT6017
Not available in 2016


This course offers a range of topics in Spirituality, including Anglican, Augustinian, Australian, Celtic, Mary MacKillop, and Spirituality of the Heart. These are available on a rotating basis, and students are advised to check with the course coordinator regarding the specific topic that will be the focus of a given semester. Each course contextualises the particular spiritual approach and investigates its distinguishing features at an advanced level.


Not currently available.

This Course was last offered in Summer - 2015/2016.

Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate an advanced understanding of the history, development and contemporary expression of a particular spirituality.

2. Articulate and critically examine distinctive features of a specific spirituality.

3. Demonstrate knowledge and skills required for further, and specialised, in the area of spirituality.


Themes may include:
Augustinian spirituality; Anglican spirituality; Australian spirituality; Celtic spirituality; Mary MacKillop and spirituality.

Anglican Spirituality -

  • Anglicanism - historical perspective
  • The Anglican Spiritual Tradition
  • The Book of Common Prayer
  • John Henry Newman and the Oxford Movement
  • Ronald Knox, Michael Ramsey

Australian Spirituality -

  • History of Christian spirituality in Australia
  • Australia culture, society and spirituality
  • Contemporary trends
  • Effects of multiculturalism and immigration on Australian spirituality
  • The Land
  • Aboriginal spirituality
  • Interfaith perspectives

Spirituality of the Heart

  • The mystery of the word 'heart' and its associated language
  • Spirituality of the Heart in its scriptural, traditional and theological foundations and expressions
  • The contemporary rebirth of Spirituality of the Heart and its relationship to contemplation, woundedness, creativity, peace and justice
  • The spiritual journey within contemporary culture - personal transformation and social action
  • The Marian dimension

Mary MacKillop: A Contemporary Study -

  • Historical and ecclesial context
  • Spirituality within the Australian context
  • Life and spirituality of Mary MacKillop
  • Models of encounter with God in everyday life
  • Implications for contemporary spirituality

Celtic Spirituality -

  • History and culture of Celtic tribes
  • Religion and beliefs of the Celts
  • Pre and post-Christian belief
  • Distinctiveness of Celtic spirituality
  • Irish expressions of spirituality

Replacing Course(s)

This course replaces the following course(s): THEO6017. Students who have successfully completed THEO6017 are not eligible to enrol in RELT6017.


This course replaces THEO6017. If you have successfully completed THEO6017 you cannot enrol in this course.

Assessment Items

Essay: 2 x Minor Essays

Essay: Major Essay

Online Learning Activity: 4 x Online Discussion Board

Contact Hours

UoN Broken Bay Instit - Online


Online 1 hour(s) per Week for Full Term

Self-Directed Learning

Self-Directed 2 hour(s) per Week for Full Term