Evaluating Oral Health Promotion

Course code ORHL2005Units 10Level 2000Faculty of Health and MedicineSchool of Health Sciences

This course builds on existing knowledge and introduces the theories and approaches used in evaluating Oral Health Promotion projects. The course will provide skills to enable students to evaluate either existing, or new, oral health promotion material and projects.

Available in 2015

OurimbahSemester 2
Previously offered in 2014
ObjectivesOn completion of this course you will be able to:
1. Deliver oral health promotion material;
2. Analyse and evaluate existing oral health promotion material in the context of ability to implement change;
3. Apply the principles of health promotion to the evaluation of oral health promotion activities;
4. Analyse effectiveness of various individual and group communication strategies;
5. Evaluate the benefits and limitations of teamwork in oral health;

In addition, completion of this course will consolidate the following skills:

6. Access and critically evaluate scientific literature;
7. Evaluate data obtained from oral health indices and other research methods;
8. Analyse effectiveness of various individual and group communication strategies;
9. Apply tertiary education theory to a reflective and critical evaluation of personal, peer and team member education opportunities.
ContentThis course is a web dependent course. There will be up to 12 face to face contact hours determined by students and tutors. These will be by arrangement with academic staff. The remainder of the course will be accessed and completed via Blackboard.
Replacing Course(s)Not applicable
TransitionNot applicable
Industrial Experience0
Assumed KnowledgeThis course builds on PUBH1080 and ORHL2003. In ORHL2003 group work resulted in an overview of oral health promotion strategies for specific groups. In ORHL2005, the overview will provide direction for determination of an achievable project to be undertaken in ORHL3003.
Modes of DeliveryDistance Learning : IT Based
Flexible Delivery / Student Centred Learning
Teaching MethodsField Study
Self Directed Learning
Student Projects
Assessment Items
Examination: On-lineStudents will complete four on-line examinations during the semester. These will be worth 10% each (ie total of 40% of course assessment marks) and students must obtain an average of 50% over the four items. The items will be returned. This is an individual assessment item.
ProjectsCompulsory Course Component : Group will present a project proposal and will submit a completed proposal form. This must include an evidence-based report and an evaluation strategy. This item will be returned. This item assesses objectives 2-8. This item is worth 60% and must be passed to complete the course.
Contact HoursExperience Based Learning: for 7 hour(s) per Week for 1 weeks
Workshop: for 3 hour(s) per Week for 1 weeks
Compulsory Components
Requisite by EnrolmentStudents must be enrolled in the Bachelor of Oral Health program.
Compulsory Course ComponentPrior successful completion of ORHL2003. Students must also meet mandatory NSW Ministry of Health Verification requirements, have a Working with Children and Young People Declaration and a WorkCover approved First Aid Certificate.
Timetables2015 Course Timetables for ORHL2005