Risk Assessment & Management

Course code OHSE3740
Available in 2017
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Develops knowledge and skills in risk assessment and management, as required for effective occupational health, safety & environment practice. It includes the application of adult learning principles to the development of EOHS training; accident theories in the analysis of accident causation; accident investigation techniques; inspections and audits; and practical approaches to risk assessment and risk management, including disaster and emergency planning.

This course is only offered externally in Singapore.


UoN Singapore

  • Trimester 1 - 2017 (Singapore)

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Examine features of risk/safety management systems;

2. Conduct job safety analysis and carry out risk assessment;

3. Recommend and implement risk controls;

4. Utilise accident theory as an investigative tool in accident causation;

5. Examine various approaches to safety auditing, to be able to make appropriate choices;

6. Use a case study approach to accident investigation and reporting; and

7. Design and implement a disaster management plan.


Task Analysis and Teaching Objectives:

  • Collection and organisation of materials; education and training strategies for different levels of the workforce.

Accident Theory:

  • Definitions of an accident; theories of accident causation; accident prevention.

Accident Investigation and Reporting:

  • Statutory requirements; accident reporting systems and accident data collection; investigation techniques.

Accident Statistics:

  • Frequency rate, incidence rate, severity rate, mean duration rate, duration rate; monitoring accident rates.

Safety Inspection Procedures:

  • Objectives of safety inspection; safety audits, surveys, inspections, tours; hazard and operability studies.

Disaster Planning:

  • Theoretical approaches; the emergency situation and responses; emergency/disaster control agencies; worksite considerations - evaluations, treatment, access, public awareness, shutdown procedures.

Risk Management Systems.


This course is only available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Environmental & Occupational Health & Safety program.

Assessment Items

In Term Test: Exam 1 - Class

In Term Test: Exam 2 - Class

Formal Examination: Examination: Formal

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