Occupational Health

Course code OHSE1120Units 10Level 1000Faculty of Health and MedicineSchool of Health Sciences

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the occupationally induced injuries and diseases affecting each body system. Through the study of occupational disease and the occupational effects on specific organ systems (such as respiratory disease, cancer, stress, back problems), students will gain an appreciation of the OHS problems of specific groups of workers.

Not available in 2015

ObjectivesBy the end of this course, students should be able to:
i. Discuss in general terms the main occupational health problems of the major body systems, their nature, relationship to work exposures and prevention.
ii. Locate and assess the literature on occupational diseases and related conditions.
ContentThe course aims to cover many of the "health" aspects of occupational health and safety. It details some of the effects that work may have on human health, by looking at various systems of the body, their common or important disease process and the effects of work on them. It also considers the health effects of some specific agents.
Reading the literature and critically evaluating it is an important aspect of any tertiary course. In this subject students will have the opportunity to look critically at some research behind occupational health problems.
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