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2000 level

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This course is designed to introduce students to evidence based health care and nursing practice. It explores the nature and history of the evidence based practice movement, and the links between evidence, clinical decision-making and quality of care. Main areas of study are epidemiology, research design and processes, and the issues associated with translating research findings into practice.


Not currently offered.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Compare and contrast scientific research and intuition, experience, routine, habit & myth

2. Describe the core characteristics & philosophical foundations of positivist, interpretive and critical research

3. Explore the nature and history of the evidence based health care movement

4. Debate the significance and impact of evidence-based practice in nursing

5. Demonstrate an understanding of the significance of epidemiology in health, including the basic elements of the epidemiological profile of a population; such as disease rates, morbidity, mortality, incidence and prevalence

6. Demonstrate basic understanding of common types of quantitative research designs (survey, experimental, quasi experimental, cohort, case control) and essential steps in the research process

7. Demonstrate basic understanding of common types of qualitative research designs (action, phenomenology, grounded theory, ethnography) and essential steps in the research process

8. Demonstrate a beginning ability to appraise and evaluate research studies, using relevant criteria


Module 1: Evidence and practice - Questions, searching and reviews
Module 2: Evidence and practice - Appraising and recommending best practice

Review of Progress

This course is a compulsory program requirement for students in the following program(s):

In addition to meeting the University's overall requirements for academic progression, students enrolled in these program(s) must satisfactorily complete this course in order to progress in their program.

Assumed knowledge

All 1000 level BN courses and NURS2182

Assessment items

Written Assignment: Best practice Evidence Summary (BPES)

Presentation: In-Class Presentation of Systematic/Critical Review for BPES

Quiz: Online Quiz