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Music Research Studies

Course code MUSI3602Units 10Level 3000Faculty of Education and ArtsSchool of Creative Arts

The course offers the opportunity to pursue specialist study through elective areas. The electives covered are diverse allowing for the development of students' interests. Each elective affords students the opportunity to pursue research in the chosen discipline area.

The electives discuss relevant musical styles and composers, always placing the historical facts in context with the music itself. A first-hand knowledge of the sound of the music is developed, and where possible, live performances of works are presented in workshops, seminars and concerts at the Conservatorium. Each component places the music in historical context while undertaking studies of relevant important works.

The electives may include (but not be limited to) Performance Practice, Australian Music, Twentieth Century Music, Repertoire Studies or Composers World.

Not available in 2015

ObjectivesMusic Research Studies is delivered through elective studies.

1.0 Course objectives include:
1.1 To develop advanced music research skills and strategies.
1.2 To develop music research through performance (dependant upon elective).
1.3 To develop presentation and delivery strategies for seminars.
1.4 To increase awareness of music research as it applies to practical music-making.

More specific objectives relate to individual electives. The following serves as illustration from two electives.
2.0 Objectives from possible electives:
2.1 Composer!|s World
2.1.1 To develop an understanding of the composers relationship to related schools and important centres.
2.1.2 To create an awareness of the place of the music with music of other periods and boundaries.
2.1.3 To understand the effects of musical and non-musical influences upon the composer.
2.1.4 To identify the place of the music in the era of composition.
2.1.5 To understand the relationship of the music to the arts.
2.1.6 To investigate the music and its structure.
2.1.7 To identify key elements of the composer!|s world in relation to the style of composition.
2.2 Performance Practice
2.2.1 To use concepts of the period to develop an understanding of the theory and practice of performing 17th and 18th century music.
2.2.2 To research into the changing construction, aesthetics and sound characteristics of instruments.
2.2.3 To study the relationship between technique and expressive aims of composers/ performers in a particular period.
2.2.4 To study notation and its relationship to performance.
2.2.5 To study the varied articulation not exactly fixed by notation.
ContentMusic Research Studies is delivered through elective studies. All electives pursue the expansion and development of music research methodology. The electives, by their very nature, contain different content.
Industrial Experience0
Assumed KnowledgeStudies in Western Music 5 (MUSI 3601) OR Materials of Music 5 (MUSI 321) AND Musicology 5 (MUSI 341).
Modes of DeliveryInternal Mode
Teaching MethodsLecture
Integrated Learning
Self Directed Learning
Assessment Items
Other: (please specify)Portfolio Students studying Music Research Studies choose an elective from one or more electives offered. Each student prepares a portfolio of work representing the findings of the research. The format of the portfolio (reflective of the nature of the elective) is to be developed in consultation with the lecturer in charge no later than week six of the semester. (A number of possible portfolio scenarios will be suggested to the students in the course outline.) The lecturer will provide ongoing consultation and monitoring/feedback to the student throughout the semester. All electives pursue the development of advanced music research skills and strategies and the associated practical outworking in the repertoire. The portfolio will demonstrate these skills and strategies. All portfolios must include a seminar presentation with a corresponding written submission (2,000 words) or equivalent. The portfolio comprises 100% of the total assessment for this course.
Contact HoursLecture: for 2 hour(s) per Week for Full Term