Practical Music Studies (Education) 3

Course code MUSI2011Units 10Level 2000Faculty of Education and ArtsSchool of Creative Arts

Studies in practical music on one principal instrument or composition for Bachelor Teaching/Bachelor of Music only. Students also undertake ensemble work and an instrument resource class. The syllabus for each instrument or composition details the minimum requirements and standards but is flexible enough to encourage higher levels of attainment for those capable of achieving it. The School has an 80% expectation of attendance.

Not available in 2015

ObjectivesThe purpose of this course is to give the School of Education students the basic techniques required for a solo instrument, composition and ensemble studies through individual supervision, workshops and tutorials. Supervision will be provided by staff who are experienced instrumental, vocal and composition lecturers.
ContentStudents are able to undertake performance or composition strands in this course. As well students participate in a large ensemble (Choir, Gospel Choir, Orchestra or Wind Orchestra) and an instrument/vocal resource class.

The purpose of all classes and lessons is to provide detailed guidance in these areas to enable each student to gradually improve their musical standard throughout the semester.

All students will attend large ensemble (Choir, Gospel Choir, Orchestra or Wind Orchestra). The purpose of Large Ensemble is to provide for student's essential experience in large scale ensemble participation.
Students also attend one of the following Resource Classes: Voice or Guitar

Through weekly lessons, large ensemble and resource classes the student is guided in the development of the following skills:-
1. sound technical knowledge
2. musicianship
3. confidence in public performance
4. rhythmic accuracy
5. accuracy in notation
6. intonation (where applicable)
7. tuning (where applicable)
8. ensemble playing (where applicable)
9. metrical organisation and rhythmic notation (composition)
10. melody writing (composition)
11. harmony, prolongation and tonality (composition)
12. introduction to basic skills in Voice or Guitar(Resource Class)
Replacing Course(s)NA
Industrial Experience0
Assumed KnowledgeMUSI1012 Practical Music Studies (Education) 2
Modes of DeliveryInternal Mode
Teaching MethodsIndividual Supervision
Assessment Items
Examination: FormalInstrumental/Vocal and Composition
Examination 40%
NOTE: In order to successfully satisfy the requirements for this course students must achieve a Pass or higher in the instrument/voice/composition assessment.
Group/tutorial participation and contributionResource Class 30%
Other: (please specify)Large Ensemble 20%
ReportsTeacher's Report 10%
Contact HoursIndividual Supervision: for .5 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
Tutorial: for 1 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
Workshop: for 2 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
Workshop: for 2 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
Workshop: for 5 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
Workshop: for 2.5 hour(s) per Week for Full Term