Perioperative Diabetes Management

Course code MEDI6230Units 10Level 6000Faculty of Health and MedicineSchool of Medicine and Public Health

This is a distance-learning course for medical practitioners providing clinical services to diabetic patients undergoing surgery. This practice based course aims to provide an in depth understanding of the nature of perioperative stress and its effects on diabetes control. It will focus on the crucial importance of preoperative assessment, its relevance to the operative state and the crucial elements that need correction before surgery is undertaken. It will assist candidates to recognise the limitations of preoperative management and enhance their skills in achieving intraoperative and immediate postoperative control. The management topics will encompass the postoperative periods including post discharge.

Not available in 2015

ObjectivesThe candidate should gain a good understanding of;
1. The importance of considering the preoperative state of a diabetic with respect to clinical, metabolic and surgical parameters and understand the significance of each parameter.
2. How to assess each of these factors and how to control the factors that are amenable, before surgery; to identify those which are constant, irrespective of the setting, and to identify those that change only after surgery is undertaken.
3. The intraoperative and immediate postoperative control required.
4. The elements required in the long term postoperative care of diabetic patients.
Content- Review of the evidence for the importance of preoperative assessment and perioperative correction of various factors including the control of blood glucose, and the limitations of these approaches in the perioperative setting.
- Identification of one approach suitable in the candidate's own setting and a description of how the candidate would implement this with a selected group of patients.
- Implementation of the selected approach, evaluation and reporting on outcomes.
Replacing Course(s)N/A
Industrial Experience0
Assumed KnowledgeKnowledge equivalent to that gained in an MBBS degree and from the course,Introduction to Diabetes Care, will be assumed. Participants must be medical practitioners working in area of diabetes care.
Modes of DeliveryDistance Learning : Paper Based
External Mode
Teaching MethodsCase Study
Problem Based Learning
Experience Based Learning
Integrated Learning
Self Directed Learning
Student Projects
Assessment Items
Case Scenario/PBL exercisesAssessment will be responses to questions posed in relation to paper-based clinical problems, learning issues and practice tasks.
Contact HoursProblem Based Learning: for 8 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
Compulsory Components
Requisite by EnrolmentThis course is only available to students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Diabetes Care or Master of Diabetes Care programs.