Bulk Materials Handling and Transportation

Course code MECH4220Units 10Level 4000Faculty of Engineering and Built EnvironmentSchool of Engineering

Presents the basic concepts related to bulk solids and their relative equipment design, based on the problems from industry. Also, the emphasis is placed on the decision making for designing or selecting suitable, reliable and economical equipment.

Available in 2015

Callaghan CampusSemester 2
Previously offered in 2014
ObjectivesCharacterize bulk solids
Design storage bins and feeders
Determine the bin wall and feeder loads
Measure the material level, feeding rate, loads, etc
Design full-scale pneumatic conveying systems
Be aware of other conveying systems
Content1. Overview of Bulk Materials Handling
2. Flow Properties of Bulk Solids
3. Design of Mass Flow Bins
4. Flow Rates of Coarse Bulk Solids
5. Design of Funnel Flow and Expanded Flow Bins
6. Bin Wall Loads
7. Feeders and Discharges, Feeder Loads
8. Characterization and Classification of Bulk Solids in Pneumatic Conveying
9. Pneumatic Conveying Characteristics, Calculation and Scale-up
10. Pneumatic Conveying Case Studies
11. New Technologies in Pneumatic Conveying
12. Dust and Fume Extraction
13. Belt Conveying
14. Transfer Chute Design
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Modes of DeliveryInternal Mode
Teaching MethodsProblem Based Learning
Assessment Items
Essays / Written AssignmentsAssignments
Laboratory ExercisesLab Reports
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Contact HoursLecture: for 5 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
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