Methods in Leisure Research

Course code LEIS2230Units 10Level 2000Faculty of Business and LawNewcastle Business School

This course is available only to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Science (Recreation and Tourism).

Seeks to provide students with an understanding of the research process and with a practical insight into research methods that are relevant to the study and management of leisure and tourism. This course builds on professional practices introduced in Leisure Management Practice I, and on theoretical understandings of the social scientific approaches to leisure developed in the core and elective courses. It informs the Applied Leisure Project course in third year.

Not available in 2014

Previously offered in 2006, 2005, 2004
ObjectivesOn successful completion of this course, students will be expected to:

1. demonstrate an understanding of the major paradigms within which leisure research is carried out;

2. describe the research needs and priorities of several sectors of the leisure, recreation and tourism industries;

3. demonstrate an appreciation of the different types of research techniques used in leisure research and the ability to decide which technique is best suited to address particular research problems;

4. demonstrate an understanding of different stages of the research process, including the relationship between research management and project design;

5. articulate and apply the principles involved in sampling, questionnaire design, interview survey design, and survey administration;and

6. demonstrate an understanding of different types of data, and the principles involved in data management, data analysis, and the presentation and interpretation of research findings.
ContentTopics include:

1. Research concepts and logic.
2. Research ethics and values.
3. Methodological rigour.
4. Observational research.
5. Focus groups and in-depth interviews.
6. Questionnaire design.
7. Experimental research designs.
8. Sampling.
9. Secondary data.
10. Preparing a research report.
11. Using Excel and SPSS in survey-based research.
12. Using the Internet as a research tool.
Replacing Course(s)Not applicable.
TransitionNot applicable.
Industrial Experience0
Assumed KnowledgeLeisure Management Practice I (LEIS 1140)
Modes of DeliveryInternal Mode
Teaching MethodsLecture
Assessment Items
Examination: ClassNo 1 20% 1,000 words
Examination: ClassNo 2 20% 1,000 words
ProjectsResearch Project 60% 2,500 words
Contact HoursLecture: for 2 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
Tutorial: for 1 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
Compulsory Components
Requisite by EnrolmentThis course is only available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Science (Recreation and Tourism) program.