Advanced Latin C

Course code LATN3540
Not available in 2016


One of four advanced level Latin courses enabling students to proceed to a major in Latin. They consist of parallel reading and grammar classes, and provide students with the opportunity to read and comprehend the major Latin classics.


Not currently available.

This Course was last offered in Semester 2 - 2015.

Learning Outcomes

1. To consolidate Latin grammar points covered at 1000 level and in LATN2510

2. To apply knowledge of major grammatical constructions to the reading of texts.

3. To read and understand Latin texts of a standard suited to students who have completed 20 credit points at 1000 level and LATN2510: including Latin of various genres including tragedy and comedy, Homer, and Herodotus.

4. To enhance one's command of English by appreciation of its relation to and differences from Latin.


Reading of two texts - a major one of verse and one of prose of suitable difficulty for students who have completed 20 units of Latin at 1000 level + LATN2510.

Study of the historical, literary, and cultural content of the set texts.

Parallel study of relevant additional grammar.

Assumed Knowledge

Equivalent to 20 units of Latin at 1000 level + LATN2510

Assessment Items

Written Assignment: Take Home Assignments

In Term Test: Prose & Poetry Tests

Essay: Essay

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