Database Management Systems

Course code INFT2040Units 10Level 2000Faculty of Science and Information TechnologySchool of Design, Communication and IT

Provides students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the use of databases and database management systems in information technology applications. The logical design, physical design and implementation of relational databases are covered.

Available in 2015

Callaghan CampusSemester 1
OurimbahSemester 1
UoN SingaporeTrimester 1, Trimester 3
Previously offered in 2014
ObjectivesOn completion of this course students will have the ability to:
1. Understand and evaluate the role of database management systems in information technology applications within organisations;
2. Recognise and use contemporary logical design methods and tools for databases;
3. Derive a physical design for a database from its logical design;
4. Implement a database solution to an information technology problem;
5. Understand the SQL data definition and SQL query languages;
6. Have been introduced to the alternative design techniques utilized for Management Reporting applications.
ContentTopics will generally include:

1. The role of databases and database management systems.
2. Algebra and the relational database.
3. Logical design of databases.
4. Physical design of databases.
5. SQL
6. Data Warehouses
Replacing Course(s)N/A
Industrial Experience0
Assumed KnowledgeSENG1110 or INFT1004 or INFT1001 or equivalent.
Modes of DeliveryInternal Mode
Teaching MethodsLecture
Computer Lab
Assessment Items
Examination: ClassClass test.
Essays / Written AssignmentsAssignment work which may be divided into separate assignments or be given as a single multi-part assignment.
Examination: Formal
Contact HoursComputer Lab: for 2 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
Lecture: for 2 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
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