Counselling Approaches with Couples, Children and Young People

Course code HLSC6517
Available in 2015
2015 Course Timetables


This course provides students in the Relationship Counselling specialization in the Master of Family Studies with the knowledge and skills required to perform complex counselling with couples experiencing complex relationship issues using a variety of counselling approaches. Therapeutic interventions when working with children and young people are also covered. Students must work in a setting (either voluntary or paid) which provides access to approximately 20 hours of supervised clinical assessment with clients.


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  • Semester 2 - 2015

Learning Outcomes

1. Apply a collaborative practice approach to working with families

2. Apply counselling strategies to families in specific contexts

3. Identify strategies for specific types of clients

4. Use strategies of self-assessment, reflection and supervision to manage and develop effectiveness of clinical practices.


  • Application of theories and approaches
  • Advanced skills practice
  • Knowledge and approaches relevant for different life stages
  • Knowledge and approaches appropriate in different contexts.

Assumed Knowledge

An undergraduate degree or higher qualification in Counselling, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Social Work, Social Science or equivalent.

Assessment Items

Written Assignment: Essays / Written Assignments

Professional Task: Clinical

Contact Hours

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Integrated Learning Session

Online 15 hour(s) per Term

Self-Directed Learning

Self-Directed 6 hour(s) per Week for Full Term


Online 30 hour(s) per Term


Online 15 hour(s) per Term

Students are required to undertake at least 120 hours of overall effort