Elementary Greek:I

Course code GREK1010
Not available in 2016


Introduces students to the study of Ancient Greek, as written and spoken in Athens in the fifth and fourth centuries BC, with some attention to koine Greek. Reading in the original language is accompanied by basic grammatical and syntactical instruction.


Not currently available.

Learning Outcomes

1. To achieve a knowledge of vocabulary and grammar appropriate to 1000 level

2. To gain an understanding of common word order and grammatical constructions employed by Greek writers, and thus facilitate the reading of texts.

3. To read and understand specially prepared and graded Greek texts.

4. To enhance one's command of English by appreciation of its relation to and differences from ancient Greek.


The course covers the alphabet, simple word-order, the most common verb forms (active and middle verbs, four tenses, and participles), and the basic cases of all nouns and adjectives, and introduces a basic vocabulary sufficient to enhance understanding of Greek society.


This course has similarities to LATN1000 and LATN1010. If you have successfully completed either of these courses you cannot enrol in this course.

Assessment Items

Written Assignment: Problem solving test

In Term Test: 2 x Class tests

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